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“Online counselling and psychotherapy services provided on this website are not suitable for suicidal crisis; if you are suicidal or need immediate crisis intervention this website may not help you. Please contact the emergency services”.

Talk to cure takes no liability if connection with the website becomes unavailable due to technical faults. Also, the website does not accept any liability for any loss, costs, damage or false information given to receive counselling from external websites linked to this website. Talk to cure holds no responsibility of client’s or any other user’s computer system, software data or technical difficulty occurring in connection to this website. This website is not liable in regard to any computer viruses or computer corruption to any individual client’s computer.

Hours of Service
This website provides services only during day hours however payments and bookings can be made online at any time. Sessions can be booked for any available or vacant slot. Booking would be allowed only for the time slots available for coming fifteen days. (Appointments cannot be booked months before.)

Sessions are scheduled for 50-60 minutes, however the time may vary as per the client’s condition. For email sessions, clients can email their problems on the given email ID and they will receive solution focused email from the side of therapist. Clients are allowed to ask their queries and doubts in another email and their email will be replied by their therapist. This way, it includes exchange of two emails each from the side of client and the therapist.

One will receive a confirmation email or SMS for the booked slot of session. Those who require email counselling would receive a confirmation from their counselor once the payment is made. After receiving the confirmation email they may send their problems on the given email ID and would receive the reply from counselor after thorough examination of your problems. This might take a time of around one to three days.

For package deals sessions would be scheduled once or twice a week as per the requirement of client’s problems. Date and Time of package sessions may require agreement of both counselor and client.

We Provide services/ Therapy Sessions only in English and Hindi languages.

payments are requested to make using payumoney online payment gateway prior to the session during booking your appointment/session. Payments can be made for one particular session or one can also book package of particular sessions.

Special offers
We do not offer any discount on booking only one session; however, clients can avail discounts on booking package of particular sessions. Keep checking the “fee” page of the website as amount of discount is changed periodically.


  • You agree that you are at least 18 years old and able to understand vocal and written instructions.
  • You agree that you are not experiencing any suicidal crisis and are not as risk of harming yourself/others.
  • You have read and agree with the Talk to cure counselling and psychotherapy website’s Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.
  • You agree that online and telephone services may not be as effective for all individuals. Thus, Talk to cure reserves the right to choose whether or not to work with you online or by telephone. We can discontinue the sessions at any point of time we find you not suitable for the online services or requiring immediate help in person.
  • You agree and understand that the effectiveness of Counselling and psychotherapy depends on the investment of time and energy you are willing to make. It may not work in the beginning of the sessions but you will definitely get something out of it that will be of help.
  • You understand and agree that the therapeutic relationship and outcome of therapy depends largely on your input and feed backs in resolving your issues.
  • You agree and understand that Counselling can be challenging and discomforting at some point of times as uncomfortable emotions and thoughts can arise as part of the treatment process.
  • You agree that Talk to cure cannot be held responsible for providing services to you during crisis or emergency situations. In such conditions you may require consultation with therapist/doctor available in your local area.
  • You understand that after making your payment it is your responsibility to contact us within the specified time frame to book/confirm your session time/date if you have not received the confirmation from our side.
  • You understand that we are happy to accept your preferred session times/date at the time of booking but your requested sessions slots are provided subject to availability. You will receive confirmation email with session time/date details or alternative times or dates will be provided for you to select from.
  • You understand that Talk to cure cannot guarantee 100% outcome of the provided treatment. Although we strive to help you in every possible manner and resolve your issues as deeply as possible.
  • You agree and understand that once purchased, all session fees are non-refundable, including when you have not fully complied booking time or have missed or been late for a session.
  • You agree that you are seeking our online services for personal/family member’s Counselling and not using any of our services to undertake research for either private or official use.
  • You agree that your participation in our counselling and psychotherapy services may only be shared or disclosed for your personal therapeutic benefit or for legal purposes if required.
  • You agree to understand that your participation will not be disclosed for any other reason and would not be recorded, transcribed, copied or reported.
  • You understand and agree that as a new, former or current client you are bound by the terms and conditions.
  • You understand that all special offers can be withdrawn or modified at any time.
  • You understand and agree that it is your responsibility to stay up to date with the Terms and Conditions.
  • You understand and agree that information related to mental health is not a replacement for professional therapy or diagnosis.
  • You agree that if you are disconnected during a session you will get in touch with your counselor through email and also check your inbox for correspondence from them.
  • You agree that if you do not hear from your Counselor at the agreed session time you will email them within 5 minutes of the agreed session time.
  • You understand that we do not take any liability for technical errors occurring during session; however, any problem on our part will not be at the client’s loss. Clients will receive appropriate service which they have paid for.
  • You permanently agree to release and indemnify services provided by Talk to cure from all suits, law suits, claims and actions originating from Counselling and Psychotherapy.
  • Calls will be made only on the registered mobile numbers and no calls will be made on landline numbers.


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