Talk to cure respect and ensure confidentiality of your personal data and information provided during therapy or availing our services. We take care of client’s personal issues in accordance with counselling and psychotherapy ethics and guidelines that protect your confidential material and ensure the integrity and professionalism of your Counsellor/therapist.

Collecting personal/basic information
Before starting the sessions you may be asked to provide basic socio-demographic details of yours. Provided details should be correct and clear as they contribute a lot to the therapy process and the outcome as well.
Talk to cure website will only collect information that is considered necessary for the effectiveness of online and telephone counselling and psychotherapy. The Counsellor may keep information about their current and former clients stored in a secure file in order to keep a record of their sessions for detailed analysis after the session is over. These files can only be and strictly accessed by the Counsellor. All email accounts are fully protected and if you send an email to your Counsellor’s email address, only they will have access to it.


Disclosure of information given by the clients is possible only in condition either Counsellor or client is at risk of harm; if there is a suspected case of child abuse or alleged child abuse, known or suspected case of adult or elder abuse, or if there is a threat to self harm.

In case of any legal actions your counsellor may be alleged to release your records. Clients are requested to inform their counsellors if they are going through any legal procedure such as divorce/separation case, child custody case or any other legal action.

Services provided by Talk to cure keeps all client information confidential. Any discussions during counselling sessions will be strictly confidential; however, there are certain exceptional circumstances in which information may be disclosed to a third party; if a Counselor receives information regarding money laundering or a proposed or actual act of terrorism or any other activity that could harm client him/herself, the counselor or anybody else.

Ethical Statement

Talk to cure works with highest ethical standards. Client’s privacy and culture will be respected at all times. Your details and communications will remain confidential between you and your Therapist. We will be obliged to break confidentiality if you have indicated that there is a risk of harm to yourself, or someone else, we are then required by ethics to seek advice and guidance from other professionals. We would of course try to discuss this beforehand with you to obtain your assent.

Data Quality
Talk to cure will always ensure personal information is gathered accurately. We would only use your email address and telephone number for the purpose of counselling. Apart from scheduling appointment and sessions Talk to cure may email you to inform you about special offers, important information about the site and the service.
Your personal information and contact details will not be shared. If you use the telephone counselling service, you will only be contacted by telephone at pre-booked times. Your telephone number will never be shared with anyone. Apart from the session you could be contacted through telephone by your counsellor in case of changing the appointment in emergency situations or in case of problem in email conversation.

Talk to cure gives you the option of being able to use another name for the purpose of online or telephone counselling. You may use a name you feel comfortable with; the choice is up to the individual client.


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