What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a collaborative treatment process to heal and deal with psychological problems. Psychotherapy helps individuals to develop better understanding of their problems and work on finding a way to resolve them. It is a process that involves only verbal communications and no drug therapy. Scientifically validated procedures are used during the process grounded in dialogues. The client therapist alliance allows the client to share his/her feelings freely in front of the therapist and it also gives them a feeling of support in times of emotional crisis. Psychotherapy involves different procedures and it may vary based on the need of a client.

When one should seek psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy helps individuals to deal with psychological and emotional problems that come through various sources like any known or unknown psychological disorder, times when one needs emotional support, stress related to personal life or work place, difficulty in adjustment in school, workplace or newly encountered situation, any kind of behavioural changes creating hazards in daily routine and that were not present earlier, excessive use of alcohol or any other substance etc.

Does Psychotherapy really work?

Yes, for most people it works tremendously. Psychotherapy is a process that requires clear understanding of the process, openness to discuss issues, cooperation to carry out the process and wait for the desired outcomes. One may not be benefited in one or two sessions as the sessions are time bound and it is difficult to discuss everything in one single session. There are set targets for the therapy and every target takes time to achieve its goal. Those who move along with their therapist with trust and faith definitely achieve desired outcome.

Is it safe to disclose and discuss personal issues with therapist?

Yes, one can discuss all the problems and issues in detail with the therapist as the information is kept purely confidential and is not disclosed to anyone unless the clients themselves agree to do so. (There are certain ethical considerations under which information has to be disclosed to the legal authorities. Please read terms and conditions and privacy policy).

Does psychotherapy works alone without medicines?

It totally depends on the severity of one’s problem. In cases of subclinical depression, anxiety, job related stress, increased intake of alcohol or any other substance to release stress, difficulty in school adjustment, conduct problems, behavioural problems, and poor social skills etc. psychotherapy works really well and it usually needs no medicinal assistance. In major psychiatric conditions like severe depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, Obsessive compulsive disorder etc. psychotherapy may not be a very good option to be used as a single treatment modality; however, it may be continued parallel to the medicinal treatment if the patient is cooperative enough.

 What is e-counselling?

E-counselling is a helpful mean for those who suffer from mental health issues but cannot avail the mental health services in person due to certain reasons. E-counselling allows you to take help and advice of your therapist right through you telephones and computer screens. This type of health services are more convenient for those who are unable to travel and also want to avoid the travel time. E-counselling gives you a supportive environment at your most comforting environment.


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