Anger is one of the common emotional response in our daily life and its expression is considered normal. Many reports suggest harmful effects of anger but it may not have negative consequences always. Rather, sometimes it is considered the best way to release stress. Here, it is important to understand that there is a difference between being angry, aggressive and hostile. They all vary in the degree of emotional response and the higher the degree of expression, higher the negative impact. When expressed in a limit it is considered healthy, but when it starts bothering your surroundings it’s an alarming situation. Why alarming! Because it may contribute to intentional or unintentional self/others harm, legal issues, social problems, family discord etc. Sometimes, it could be one of the symptoms of mental health problems as their emergence or early symptoms. A person who needs to have check on his/her anger issues would consistently feel frustrated, would not be able to enjoy routine life, would have an easy provoking temperament along with some physiological reactions like increased heart rate, breathing problems or pounding, headaches etc. sometimes people may find it difficult to detect and control problematic anger but it could be made easy if you have a helping hand. Mental health professionals have been able to work out on effective treatment strategies for anger management and in most cooperative cases success rate is good. There are a variety of techniques like behavioural or cognitive behavioural techniques you could learn with the help of a mental health professional and make your life easy. Your helping hand would help you in understanding anger, arousing conditions when your anger becomes worst, the cognitive and behavioural changes your mind and body goes through during anger, how to channelize your anger, and how to use your energy in best way.

Help yourself and help others.

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Neelam Verma, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

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