Marriage is one of the biggest changes in one’s life and demands a lot of patience and adjustment. In recent times social norms have changed so rapidly and people are believing more in the lifelong live-in-relationships rather than being married. In past decades the rate of successful marriages has lowered significantly and subsequently the divorce rate has increased. Keeping a marriage healthy and happy is a crucial task and requires efforts from both individuals carrying a marital relationship. Like any other relationship marital relationships also go through so many ups and downs. When the couple is able to recognise problems and sought them with consistent efforts and patience it is considered desirable. Problems starts when there is lack of awareness about the existing problems and ability to solve them. In most cases the problem becomes chronic and betrays the relationship. Lost harmony between the couple leads to loss of communication, fights, feelings of insecurity etc. Not only this, it also destroys the family environment and has a bad impact on growing children. Ruptures in the marital relationships demand healing and those who identify them and seek help at the right time save their marriages.

At times, couples feel uncomfortable with each other but not able to find out what’s going wrong in the relationship. Following are some behavioural changes which indicate that you need to work on your marriage:

  • Decreased or loss of communication with the partner
  • Use of abusive language and negative words during the conversation
  • Inability to initiate conversation or fear of talking to your partner
  • When you think that your partner belongs to a different team or is always against you
  • When you lose transparency and start keeping secrets
  • When you demand too much changes in your partner
  • When you want your partner to adjust each and everything according to your requirements
  • Loss of physical intimacy
  • Loss of trust and faith in your partner
  • When you think that separation is the only solution
  • Living together only for the sake of children
  • When you both start living separate lives

These are some of the most important indicators of disturbed marital relationship and requires immediate clinical attention. Mental health professionals have managed to develop effective management programs for such issues and if someone is willing for the treatment it works even better. Help yourself and help the community. Spread awareness about such issues in the marriage and keys to resolve them.

Trust psychological help and trust yourself!

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Neelam Verma, Consultant Clinical Psychologist


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