We respect emergency needs and understanding of services of every client and allow  cancellation of bookings and get a fresh appointment with available dates on the website.  As clients one need to understand that fitting another client in the slot allotted to you would be difficult in a short time. We request clients to cancel their appointment at least two days (48 hours) prior to the scheduled booking. For cancellation process clients are supposed to raise a request by sending an email to booking@talktocure.com along with their name, date of booking, time slot allotted for the session and transaction ID to avoid inconvenience during the refund process. After verification of client ID refund process will be initiated within a week.  The client will have to bear the banking/service charges incurred in case of cancellation from either parties i.e. the client or the service provider.

We request clients to be available for their session at least 5 – 10 minutes before the agreed/allotted time. Please ensure that your device is properly connected and you are visible to your counsellor if using email or web chat service. If you are using the telephonic service ensure that your phone is not engaged, disconnected or switched off.

Extra time may be negotiated as per client’s need or current condition only in case of delay in the session due to heavy network issues.

Note:- Cancellations shall be requested atleast 48 hrs. prior to the booking time. Requests raised after the given time shall not be entertained and talktocure.com will not be liable for refund.


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